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Booths & Displays

Design & Fabrication

Imagination works closely with your team to create a trade show space that clearly exhibits your brand and identity. We focus on exhibits that are created with your goal for the show in mind and a clearly defined flow for all who enter the space.

Setup-Takedown & Maintenance

The experience level and quality of our labor saves clients' money. Using a knowledgable and skillful installation and dismantle company, you will greatly decrease overtime charges incurred during the installation and dismantle process. Our experienced contractors are specially trained in installing and dismantling an array of exhibit materials and trade show booths.

Logistics & Storage

After the event, we coordinate the freight to be moved to our location, inventory the items, snap a photo, and add the items to our proprietary platform for future use. When you need the items again, all you need to do is login and order what you need and we will get them to the event on time.

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